About Us

Primary Health Care is a nonprofit community health center dedicated to serving the medically insured, uninsured and underinsured with their health care needs.

About Us

About Us

Primary Health Care (PHC) has been providing medical and dental care to underserved individuals and families living in Des Moines since 1981. Today, we provide care and services in Ames, Marshalltown and Des Moines. PHC has three dental clinics, seven medical clinics and four satellite clinics across these communities. PHC also operates a mobile health unit, which provides care where needed in our service area.

Based on the needs of our communities, PHC offers a spectrum of medical and dental services including family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB, Title X services, substance abuse, behavioral health, oral medicine, HIV care and services, pharmacy, lab and x-ray. Enabling services are available to help patients with entitlements, case management, transportation, translation and patient education.

PHC employs 52 full time physicians, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dental hygienists and licensed social workers. PHC has 375 employees. In 2016, our clinics and programs served 36,898 patients and clients with over 145,988 encounters.

What is a CHC?

What is a Community Health Center?

Community health centers are located in areas where care is needed but scarce. They provide more than 24 million patients in the US with comprehensive care that is high quality, affordable and accessible.


Kelly Huntsman

Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Sherry Gomis

Chief Human Resources Officer

Julie Raasch

Chief Quality Officer

Heidi Shreck, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Our Providers

Jordan May, DDS

Nick Hooker, DDS

Janette Garcia, DDS

Marvin Freeburg, DDS

Stefanie Donnell-Randall, DDS

Erik Christensen, DDS

Trisha Broihahn, LMSW

Bethanie Langloss, LISW

Elizabeth Thompson, PA

Francine Ybarra-Rojas, LMFT

Abigail Weers, LMSW

Kathy Warren, LISW

Audrey Steil, LISW

Antoinette (Toni) Olson, LISW

Nicole Kehoe, LISW

Frank Jensen, LISW

Anneke Gustafson, LISW

Dijana Dugalic, LISW

Austin Cross, LISW

Emily Zambrano-Andrews, DNP, ARNP-CNM

Dennis Zachary, MD

April Winters, DO

Christopher White, MD

Toni Whannel, ARNP

Amy Welch, PA

Lilanganie Weerasinghe, MD

Nancy Thurtell, ARNP

Maureen Tacke, DO

Timothy Swinton, MD

Megan Sloat, CNM ARNP

Leah Siegfried, PA

Heidi Shreck, MD

Sarah Schaaf, ARNP

Michael Sargent, DO

Bret Ripley, DO

Brooke Raney, ARNP

Jean Paul, DO

Debra Parker, ARNP

Leatrice Olson, DO

Kirby Nelson, ARNP

Eden Murad, MD

Neetha Molakala, MD

Dean Moews, MD

Katy Meyer, PA

Elizabeth McCurdy, DO

Erin Lucas, PA

Maria Theresa Latoja-Lovan, ARNP

Margaret Kunze, PA

Sara Kuhn, ARNP

Jason Kessler, MD

Susan Kennedy, DO

Ziwei Just, PA

Emma Johnson, PA

Becky Johnson, ARNP

Phyllis Hoskins, PA

Marilyn Harter, ARNP

Alyssa Happe, ARNP

Caitlin Hainley, CNM

Ronnie Hawkins, MD

George Gura, DO

Bery Engebretsen, MD

Katherine Eaton, ARNP

Kacey Davis, ARNP

Tonya Diehn, PA

Louise Convery, DO

Deborah Clendening, ARNP

Kyla Carney, DO

Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn, CNM

Alan Bollinger, DO

Caroline Boehnke-Becker, MD

Sharon Bertoche, MD

Chandramohan Batra, MD

Claudia Beckwith, ARNP

Cindy Cruikshank, ARNP

Board of Directors

Ben Bellus
Juan Cadenillas
Samuel Carbajal
Scott Clair, Past Chair
Sandy Hansen, Chair
Sergio Hernandez

Denise Essman

Janet Hicks
Ted Johnson, Treasurer
Roger Lacoy, Vice Chair
Carly Ross, Secretary
William Schoenenberger
Billie Wade